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Kicks and Nicks at 76

Tingles and Twitches of an Aging Snoop

Pick It Up

I’m reminded – again- of the importance of keeping a clean house. I saw a friend’s home with dirty dishes stacked in the kitchen sink, empty paper drinking cups strewn over every tabletop, piles of clothes – one pile dirty, the other clean – on the floor, and the contents of the pantry littering kitchen counter tops. I never even noticed the dust or the lint-specked carpets. I know, I’m too much of a perfectionist and like a home in order. I can’t help it. I had a mother who used to

Room with a View

Your home may be just four walls with a roof on top, but it’s much more. It’s a peek at your lifestyle. It might hint at your personal wealth, or social status. It suggests your taste. I didn’t own a home until I returned to the U.S. in 2000. I’d lived in rentals all my working life, first in Hawaii, then New York, Tokyo, then in retirement in Perth and Denmark West Australia. I had no desire to buy where I expected to be living only temporarily. Nearly 17 years in Toky0


Suddenly I’m car free. No rising insurance premiums. No more struggling through heavy traffic. No more searching for parking spots. I failed my eye exam when trying to renew my license, and I’m delighted. I may not quite have the freedom to jump in my little Toyota and zip away on a whim. But I’ve taken one more significant step to simplify my lifestyle. It’s a project I work on continually. Truthfully, I haven’t felt really safe driving for some time now. I wasn’t fearing for my life

Dry or Wet

Back from Portland, OR recently, I was reminded of what rain can do. It was a glorious summer. Flowers were everywhere. The city was green and overflowing with tall Douglas firs, cedars and a host of deciduous trees. It’s a sharp contrast from, say, Phoenix, where winters are mild, but the summers broil – and wet days are few and far between. We may not have the luxury of choosing where we live. If we did, however, it would boil down to whether or not we like moisture or dryness. I like it sunny