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Kicks and Nicks at 76

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Book Me a House

Only a few years back a friend and I thought a sojourn in the Sonoran Desert outside Tucson might be a buzz. We liked the desert. It was springtime when the saguaro cactus bloom, but the heat hadn’t descended. I found a small brick house on the internet. It was smack, dab in the thick of saguaro, far from the bright lights and any restaurants. We’d have to cook, but it was a fair enough tradeoff if we wanted isolation and the silences that go with it. On arrival, we pondered our decision as

"I'll take Manhattan"

Woody Allen, that quintessential New Yorker, recently reminded me that I too was once a huge fan of the city. I was an outsider during my six years in the metropolis from 1971 to 1977. But I soon thought NYC was the center of the universe, like those born and bred. It’s the city all other American cities emulate, from its skyline to what’s currently hip. In my 30s, when being hip was still possible, I thrived on being where mental stimulation never ceased. The street life – rich,

Farewell To Passport Agents

On my return to Denver from Tokyo a while back I discovered passport control agents – usually friendly faces – had been replaced by machines. Never having seen or used one before, I approached the passport scanner on a pedestal with trepidation. I have a hard enough time handling digital devices of my own. Could I hit the right buttons on this one? There was a long, impatient line behind me. With my dodgy eyesight, could I even read what came up on the screen? I fumbled with buttons, or a touch

Spare Me Your Troubles

I recently spent several weeks with a middle-aged friend of 32 years. I’d determined that he was the worst hypochondriac I knew years ago when he suffered nausea and a headache on rough seas. This time it was sciatica. He’d lifted some gravel in his garden and pinched a nerve. He’d determined that lifting of any sort was out. A physiotherapist recommended exercises that demanded lying on his back and rolling left and right on a mat on the floor. Everywhere we drove for any length of time,