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Kicks and Nicks at 76

Tingles and Twitches of an Aging Snoop

Wariness Weary

In dealing with corporations – the larger, the more I am suspicious of them. The government, ditto, and especially at the federal and state levels. About the human race in general, I’m wary, but haven’t totally given up. I can warm up to an individual who has shown his or her integrity and at least a little concern for others. I’ve concluded this category is uncommon, and becoming more so. And to go as far as loving someone, more than anything because she or he has proven

Soak Your Cares Away

When it comes to bathing, no race does it with more style than the Japanese. In my Japan days I became quickly addicted to the ritual of an evening dip in a deep soaking tub. Although I had a molded plastic bath in my small apartment in Tokyo, I often slipped away to the neighborhood communal bath where I could luxuriate in a tub big enough to spread my arms. Of course, I had to share it with others (men with men, women with women). Your fellow bathers haven’t the slightest prurient interest

Llife's a Risk

I’m all for saving our planet. I thought I was for reducing pollution of any kind. When I struggled through a seller’s property disclosure form in Colorado, however, I realized how conscious we’ve become of environmental hazards. Of course, we all want to live in a toxic-free spot. At this stage there are already dozens of items in and around a residence that could harm us – or possibly kill us. As more research is done, the number of dangers in the space we fill will only

The News - and the Truth

In this age of instant information it’s hard to remember it wasn’t always so. Television broadcasts didn’t debut until 1952, and it took time for all households to own a TV set. It wasn’t long before the three TV networks were the dominant news sources. Fox News hadn’t yet come on the scene. Before that, console radios were features of many living rooms where families gathered round a speaker, not a screen. Now we’re all staring at our smart phones all day. There