Geezer Time

What’s a geezer know?  Plenty.  Theoretically, the longer you have lived, the more you have seen.  And theoretically, the more you have seen, the more you have had to think through and make decisions about.


I’ve seen a lot.  Born in the Midwest, I hated the prairies and plotted to escape when  I was a teenager.  I went away to Bob Jones Academy, a college prep school in South Carolina, at 14.  Then there were two years at Westmont College in Santa Barbara, CA.  I graduated from Boston University with a degree in journalism in ‘63.  A stint in the Air Force took me to Harrisburg, PA and Bangkok.


The real world for me began when I worked as a reporter for Pacific Business News in Honolulu.  After joining Japan Airlines in New York, I was tossed into the big wide world beyond native shores.  I worked as a magazine editor at the airline’s headquarters in Tokyo in the ‘80s when Japan was riding high on a booming economy.


After dropping out of the corporate rat race in ’93, I fled as far away as I could to Perth, Australia – just about the world’s last stop.  Australia’s emptiness was a balm after crowded Tokyo.  I might have stayed forever had I not decided it was time to pay attention to my ageing mother in Colorado Springs.


I returned “home” to the U.S. to live in 2000.  My mother lived until 98 years of age.  I wasn’t traveling far, but roaming as often as I could.  I still am.  As long as my health holds up, and I can bear those pesky airports, I will continue.



So I’m blogging to share the sights and perceptions of our universe I’ve picked up in my years of observing.  If even one reader can sometimes identify, I’ll have reached my goal.



  • Sounds like the Jim we’ve known since your Harrisburg days – and enjoyed reading. My daughter is visiting from New Hampshire, and I had to get her to show me how to continue reading the whole article (after you named Boston University on the front page). I will look forward to reading MORE posts!!!

  • Patricia J Craig

    (August 31, 2017 - 1:51 am)

    Hey, Jim – good start, all too brief, leaving us wanting more – so till next week, Aloha.

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